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Invitation and Registration (information will be here during the year)

The competition is sanctioned by Skåne's Karate Association 

























Conditions for participation: 

Kata: For kata, it is important to know all kata to your belt level. 
Open class: the last four in the final do free kata. 
Team kata mix: Mix participants however you want as long as they stay within the age group. 
The same kata may be repeated. If several teams are in the same class, they are named as team 1, 
team 2 etc. A participant may only enter one catalogue. 

Kumite: Dental protection mandatory for EVERYONE. Leg protection mandatory for children 8-15 years. 
Red and white knuckle guards for all kumite classes.
ATTENTION! 16-17 year olds can also participate in the adult classes. However, at least 18 years old in open kumite classes.
Requalification only in the children's classes (8-15 years).
Competition start for children at 10.00. 
The start of the competition for adults is estimated at 13.30. 
Finals and prize giving take place immediately after the end of the class. 
The competition will be conducted on tatami mats.

Best Budo spirit

Prize is awarded to the club with the best "budo spirit".
Representatives of Lund's Karate Club nominate the club with the best "budo spirit".
The goal is to inspire to follow (alternatively not forget) Budon's values 
and we define the best "budo spirit" based on Dojo-Kun and JKA Sweden's application of 
ESKA's rules (JKA Sweden's competition standard and etiquette rules),
We watch the competitors, coaches and other representatives of the clubs during the competition.


Sandra Memorial - New price from this year
The prize is awarded in memory of Sandra Olsson and given to a young person who inspires others 
by being a good role model both on the tatami and outside.

Entry Fees (2023) 
Fee for children is SEK 200/class. 
For adults (16 years and over) it costs SEK 250/class. 
ATTENTION! 16-17 year olds can also participate in the adult classes. 
Team kata: 10-15 years costs SEK 200/team, 16 years and up costs SEK 300/team 
It is fine to pay in advance via Swish payment to 1235546502 or via 
Postal order 22 8823-1.
You can also pay the fee paid on the day of the competition. Remember even 

Match lists 
The match lists will be emailed out a few days in advance


NOTE: One coach per competitor in the competition area and the coaches must have a shirt 
or jacket with club badge. Only coaches and competitors may be on 
the heating area.
ALL others - parents, friends MUST be in the stands. 


Parking spaces are available in the Arena-Park parking garage, as well as at Sparbanken 
Skåne Arena.

The club pays the entry fees to competitions for those who actively participate in competition training

For dates and registration for other JKA competitions, see the competition page on JKA's website:

JKA Competitions 2024

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