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So glad you want to train with us!

We continuously accept beginners throughout the year, of all ages, and have special groups for children, youth and adults. No pre-registration required - just come and try it out!It is fine to start in the middle of the semester. You findanswers to frequently asked questions here.

Try free

With us, you can try training for free for 3 sessions (approx. 1 week) before you decide and pay the fee.

The training is carried out barefoot and normal training clothes usually work perfectly at the beginning. 

When you want a traditional Gi (karate suit), we help you with the right equipment.


Karate is for everyone - everyone can join

Girls/Guys & women/men train together and no one has to be afraid of not being able to do it. You can read aboutour value base here.

You can train just for fun, for exercise, or by extension bet on competition in Kata (form) or Kumite (fight). You can train karate all your life and adapt it according to your age and your own abilities.


Benefits as a member

You learn effective self-defense and for many karate also means increased self-confidence, better body awareness and a tool for inner peace! 

As a member of Lund's Karate Club, you get a discounted price at SBI Sport, which is our sponsor. Contact SBI Sports for more information.

Registration for classes - children and adults

You will find a link to the registration further down.

1. Select a category and enter the student and guardian information.
2. When registering a person under the age of 18, the guardian fields appear.
3. We will process your registration and contact you as soon as we can.

Training Fees

SEK 400/semester for people with disabilities/ on Tuesdays

SEK 400/semester for seniors/on Tuesdays

SEK 550/semester for children 7 - 12 years

SEK 550/semester for youth aged 13 - 18 or students

SEK 350/semester for "parent training" (parents training with their child/youth only)

SEK 950/semester for all others


Membership fee per year

Membership fee: SEK 100 per member per year

Register here:




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